Try the following Drill!!


Dingles is a fun drill game that helps to practice your dinks, blocks, and shot selection. All you need is four players on the court and two pickleballs. Next time you’re out on the court try this drill.

How its played:
1) The drill is started by having two balls fed at the same time and dinking cross court with the opponent diagonal from you. The objective during this part of the drill is to keep the cross court dink rally going as long as possible.
2) After one ball is missed during the dink rally, the word ‘dingles’ is called out. This alerts the four players that the remaining ball is now live and can be hit anywhere. The four players will play out the point with the remaining ball. The objective at this point is to win the point!
3) The team that wins the point with the remaining ball gets a point.

What not to do
1) After dingles is called, do not chase the ball that was missed.¬† If it’s at your feet, you can simply swipe it away. The point is now live so you want to focus on the remaining ball in play.
2) After dingles is called, try not to get overly excited and slam the next shot. Remember to choose your shots wisely.